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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The End... Thanks For Following!

So here we are, the final blog entry. I've got about another 45 minutes sitting in Hong Kong airport until my final flight begins to board. I really don't want to fly... I've felt a bit sick in the stomach all day today and flying doesn't seem to help this feeling much. I've already flown 4 hours from Tokyo, and now I've got another 9 hours back to Melbourne. I'll try and sleep (I'm desperately tired, didn't sleep more than about 4 hours the last couple of nights, probably why I'm not feeling well) but with my track record of being able to sleep on planes, I won't hold my breath. Man, that would be amazing though, just to go to sleep and wake up in Australia! Fingers crossed...

So last time I blogged I was in Cambridge. The trip from Cambridge to Tokyo went by pretty much flawlessly. It's funny, I'd got myself a bit worked up the night before leaving, wondering how I was going to cope in Japan on my own. Strangely though though, once I was on the plane that anxiety left me for good, only to be replaced with excitement!

Tokyo is amazing! It's certainly not a "pretty" city, but wow, it's unique! I've never been anywhere like it and I'm so glad I was able to visit, albeit briefly, on this trip.

The Japanese people really do seen to live on another planet... An awesome planet that is so strange, quirky and fascinating! So many quirks to their culture, so many strange traditions.

I was a bit surprised at how few Japanese people actually felt comfortable enough to try and speak some English to me. I'd do my best "konnichiwa," "sumimasen" and, of course, "arigatou," but I didn't often get any English replied back to me, apart from the fact that English words are all over the city! I think they probably understand a fair amount but don't feel confident enough to speak it, for fear they might get it wrong, I dunno. The Japanese are almost frustratingly polite in everything they do. But yeah, Tokyo's a crazy, crazy place and I loved it!

Thanks for following along on my wacky adventures round the world! I'll wrap it all up now. As wonderful as overseas travel is, all travellers would know that feeling when your nose is just headed for home. To be able to sleep in your own bed, not to live out of a suitcase anymore, to have friends and family - you know, people to actually TALK to... I can't wait to be back in Melbourne tomorrow morning! It's been a brilliant holiday, I've had lots of new and exciting experiences, but it's definitely time to return to normal. Sayonara everyone!!

(I'll commentate on the following photos, as usual completely out of order. Silly Blogspot!)

1. This shop is called Super Potato, in the area of Tokyo known as Akihabara, or "Electric Town." Super Potato sells retro video games, so I was in a weird kind of heaven! Five storeys of bliss!!

2. Yesterday I decided to give myself a treat for the final day of the holiday and went to Disneyland... Well, DisneySEA, actually. This is the newer park next door to Disneyland, it's been open about 10 years. It's got a kind of nautical theme.

3. If you've ever seen footage of Tokyo before, you've probably seen this intersection. This is Shibuya.

4. Akihabara.

5. The Meiji Temple, where the spirit of the Emperor Meiji (reigned around the Victorian era, renowned for bringing Japan into the modern age) resides.

6. Sephiroth, resting underfoot at the Square-Enix store.

7. It's Totoro!! On Monday morning I visited the Studio Ghibli museum and had a wonderful time!

8. Outside the Meiji Shrine. These are giant decorated tubs of sake that are given as an offering every year.

9. Shibuya by night.

10. Inside the Meiji Shrine. Sacred trees.

11. Ghibli dead ahead! The problem with the gift shop in that place is I wanted to buy EVERYTHING!!

12. The giant robot-statue from Castle In The Sky, on the roof of the Ghibli museum.

13. Some sacred garden. Not sure of its significance.

14. Tokyo Tower. Ugly thing. Who's idea was it to paint it rusty-red??

15. Courtyard at Disneysea.

16. Oh, did I mention it was pouring rain while I was at Disney...? It was pouring rain.

17. View from the top of Tokyo Tower. You can just make out Mt. Fuji in the distance.

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