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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Well, we were much more alert and awake today! I slept 11 hours, Naomi did 12! Housekeeping came to the room and we were both still asleep! (Luckily I'd locked the door!)

Last night was great. After our second powernap (only 20 minutes) we tried out the hotel's pool. AWESOME! Not that big, but pretty deep, and the temperature is just PERFECT!!

Speaking of temperature, Honolulu weather is stunning. Mid-to-upper 20s, sunny with moderate breeze. Heavenly.

After our swim last night we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner which was great. They've made an entire wave out of guitars. So awesome!

We also took a walk down Waikiki beach. Quite nice, but not earth-shatteringly amazing. We've got better beaches in Australia, that's for sure!

Funny thing. Last night we turned on the TV to see some genuine American programming, and what do we see? Rove McManus hosting Entertainment Tonight!

Today (after our ridiculous sleep-in) we did some booking of upcoming adventures (more on them in a sec) and then took a bus to Diamond Head for a mountain hike. Very cool place, although a bit of a workout doing all that climbing in the afternoon sun!

The view from the top was worth it though! And how's this? On the way back down we bumped into some of Naomi's relatives!! Of all places!!

Tomorrow we're going to an aquatic park to swim with dolphins. Can't wait for that! The day after that we're taking a full-day trip to the Big Island, flying over to see all the awesome lava and Jurassic Park/LOST type wilderness. Then the day after that we're going snorkelling amongst the coral and the fishies! Lots of fun ahead!

Hawaiian people seem super friendly, we've been made to feel so welcome. Watch this space for more to come!

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