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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pretty Much Ready!

Final pre-take-off post on the new blog.

I'm 99% packed (just stuff like the toothbrush left) and ready to head off tomorrow into the great unknown.
(Actually, it's not that unknown, I've booked every single night of accommodation. I know exactly where I'm going to be at all times. So much for being spontaneous. I'm not happy unless I know what's going on)

For anyone visiting the blog for the first time, welcome! I've got the funky new iPad and it looks like most hotels have free wi-fi, so I'll hopefully be able to update fairly regularly, including pictures with the cool photo transfer device that Stacey lent me! (Thank you!)

Here's the overall itinerary (in basic form...)

25th April:
Melbourne -> Sydney -> Honolulu
* Relax on Hawaiian beaches and go on tropical adventures for a few days

1st May:
Honolulu -> Orlando (I go via Dallas, Naomi goes via Atlanta)
* Walt Disney World!!
* Universal Studios (including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!)

9th May:
Orlando -> New York
* Naomi flies home
* Live it up in NYC
* See countless shows on Broadway
* See New York Yankees vs. Seattle Mariners at Yankee Stadium on 13th May

15th May:
New York -> London
* Sight-see in London for a few days
* Harry Potter Studio Tour on 18th May

20th May:
London -> Dublin
* 1 week "Shamrocker" bus tour around North and South Ireland

29th May:
Dublin -> London
* Hire car in Maidstone
* Drive around U.K. in anti-clockwise direction
* Sleeping destinations: Dover -> Brighton -> Bath -> Wolverhampton -> York -> Norwich -> Southend-On-Sea -> Cambridge

9th June:
London -> Tokyo
* Ghibli Museum
* Akihabara
* Shibuya by night
* Tokyo Tower
* Random Japanese weirdness

13th June:
Tokyo -> Melbourne (via Hong Kong)
* Sleep. Zzzzzzzzz


To finish off this post, here's some pictures of a couple of hopeful travellers who unfortunately weren't able to come. That didn't stop them from trying though!!

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