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Monday, May 7, 2012


Oh wow, butterbeer is absolutely awesome! So delicious!! Kind of creamy soda-ish, but a bit different. Really yum.

The Hogsmeade village is really cool, so many little details to find and I seriously wanted ti buy everything in every shop!! Luckily I had Naomi to restrain me! We each got our own specific wand (I was chosen by a vine wand, similar to Hermione's one, apparently. And I got myself a Ravenclaw scarf. (I'm in Ravenclaw, don't you know?)

We didn't have a very good experience with the main Hogwarts ride. It was a 30-40 minute queue in the hot, with aching feet, and when we finally reached the ride, we were told that we couldn't ride because we still had our bags with us, which we were supposed to leave in a locker, which we were never told! So we were sent all the way back to the start to get a locker, and then quickly discovered our newly bought wands didn't fit in the lockers! By the time we finally rode the ride we were just a little frustrated. The whole Harry Potter region was extremely crowded and frustrating. When we went back later to get butterbeer and ride again, it was much quieter and much better.

There were a couple of other really cool rides that we did in the Islands of Adventure park as well, including a really clever 3-D Spider-Man ride and the most hardcore roller coaster I've ever been on: The Hulk. Wow, twists, turns, flips, and so, so fast! I think we spent more time upside down than right way up! I bought the DVD of our ride so we can watch all of our hilarious faces over and over again!

Good times.

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