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Monday, May 21, 2012

Top o' de mornin' to ye!

So I be here in de land of Ireland, t'be sure. (Oh man, I'm even TYPING in Irish...) It was a long day yesterday. I got up fresh and early, ready to catch my 12:50pm flight from London City Airport. (smaller airport in the other direction than Heathrow, but still easy to reach by train) I got there about 10am, happy that I had plenty of time before my flight... ... ...

Plenty of time, all right!! When I went to check in my luggage I discovered that the flight had been changed... to 5pm! (cue internal screaming) Let this be a lesson to every traveller... REMEMBER TO CONFIRM YOUR FLIGHTS THE NIGHT BEFORE!!! I couldn't even check my luggage in until 3, so I was basically stuck there in this tiny little terminal with a shop and... not much else. I read an entire magazine and played a lot of Professor Layton. It was a long, slow, frustrating day.

Anyway, the flight eventually happened. It was quick and painless, and I found myself in the land of Eire.

It's true what they say, the place is very, very green. Rolling hills, lush foliage, it's all green green green. I'm on a bus tour that's going all around both Irish countries in a week and I've already learned a lot about its history and workings thanks to our very informed tour guide Dave. (imagine an Irish-accented version of Tony Martin with long hair and you get the idea)

Today we did quite a lot of driving, we've come from Dublin to Killarney where we've stopped for the night. We stopped off on the way to check out the castle at the Rock of Cashel, as well as stopping for lunch at Blarney. Got to climb right to the top of this ancient castle, hang upside down over the edge and kiss the Blarney Stone. So now I officially have the gift of the gab! All right!

Tonight we're going to watch a real Irish story teller (!) tell ancient Irish folk-tales! (although Dave warned us, the guy has a filthy sense of humour. Should be a good craic...) Then it's off to the pub! Because, y'know, going to the pub and drinkin' in Ireland is just like breathin' in and breathin' out! (Oops, I'm typin' in Irish again...)

I'll blog again when I've got more news, t'be sure.

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