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Friday, May 11, 2012

Start Spreading The News...

Well, Naomi's gone back to the real world and I've gone North. On arrival I was a bit culture-shocked by New York. Even though I've been here twice before I just wasn't quite prepared for the scale, the noise, the crowds and crowds of people!

After the first day I was exploring the city like a pro. The trick is, don't look like a tourist and no one will glance at you twice. So it's grumpy-face activated, cameras hidden and look like you know exactly where you're going!

My Broadway marathon began on my first night. I saw Leap of Faith, Broadway's latest huge flop. It's closing in just a couple of nights, after only 30 performances. And I was at one of them! The show was decent, but not particularly memorable. Apart from the fact the cast ended the show completely soaked, there was nothing to make it stand out among the millions of others shows playing here. It had a great gospely Menken soundtrack though. I hope they release a CD. I'd give the show 6/10.

Yesterday I went to a recording of the Dave Letterman show which was a great experience. I hope everyone was watching last night and looking out for me in the audience!

After that I saw the Book of Mormon last night. Believe the hype, the show is fantastic! So, so funny. The biggest surprise for me was that besides all the crude humour and bad taste was a whole lot of heart. It's really quite a touching story. Brilliant staged and the two leads, Josh Gad and Andrew Rannells, are just so, so funny. I couldn't imagine anyone else playing these roles, but Josh told me at the stage door that he's finishing in 3 weeks. Lucky I got to see him in time!!
I'd give Book of Mormon a 10/10. I really can't fault it.

Tonight it's Sister Act. I'm a bit bummed that original leading lady Pettina Miller just finished up on the show last month. I hope her replacement is good. Tomorrow it's a double-whammy with Spider-Man then Memphis. On Sunday I'm going to the baseball (go Yankees!) and on Monday night I'm seeing Newsies. Hardly and time to rest! Hooray for Starbucks and free wi-fi!

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