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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Disney Adventure Continues (With Sore Feet)

We're continuing our Walt Disney World Odyssey. The last couple of days we've visited Epcot... That's the "Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow." It's a cool place, but a bit different to the other parks. A lot less "fun and screams" and a lot more "culture and education." Some of it's a bit TOO blatantly educational... Made us feel uncomfortable on our holiday from work...

The back half of the park is the World Showcase, a world wrapped around an enormous lake that showcases many different countries and cultures. Very cool! There's also a big stage at the back where they have free concerts. As we passed by last night I suddenly realised that ELO were playing there. Wow!! The random things you see at Disney World! But yeah, Epcot is best suited for the more mature park visitors, and school excursions.

Yesterday morning we tackled Blizzard Beach, the closer of the two water parks. Big queues + pretty quick slides = lots of waiting around. There's a really cool river that runs the perimeter of the park though, and you can just jump in a tube and ride leisurely around. Takes about 20 minutes for a full circuit. And then there's the Summit Plummet. Imagine, if you will, a mountaintop towering over the entire park. From the summit you can see all the other parks off in the horizon. And you go down a practically vertical waterslide at the speed of a bullet, reaching the ground in about 5 seconds. It's INSANE!! And we both did it! I think every person in the entire park could hear Naomi's scream. I just let out a girly whimper.

I'll leave you with a few more pics of our experiences and greetings here. (check out Princess Aurora... She was totally into me!)

Last day at Disney tomorrow, then it's on to Universal and Hogwarts! Man, our feet are so, so sore!

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