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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Haven't blogged in a while. Sorry. Though I'm being honest when I say that we hardly have ANY free time this week! There is more to do in Disney World than we could ever possibly hope to do in the week that we are here, and we're pretty much just rushing from place to place in the hope that we won't miss anything major.

The flights from Honolulu to Orlando were fine, but due to lack of sleep (I'm really bad at sleeping on planes) we were both absolutely exhausted to the point of illness on our first day here. Thankfully we soldiered on anyway and had a great day at our first theme park, Disney's Hollywood Studios. Kind of like Disney's version of Universal Studios.

Some really cool attractions there! Highlights were the Indiana Jones stunt show, All-new 3D Star Tours (Star Wars) attraction, the stomach-melting Tower of Terror, and the Fantasmic fireworks-and-water show. Even though our aching heads were spinning, we felt on the verge of sickness and all we wanted to do was sleep, we did well on our first day here.

The second day (yesterday) was MASSIVE!! We hit the Magic Kingdom!! (the "Disneyland" part) This was a full day in the park and we did SO much amazing stuff I couldn't possibly list it all! So, some highlights:
SPACE MOUNTAIN: Super-fast roller coaster through space. So awesome! We did it twice.
SPLASH MOUNTAIN: The good ol' flume ride! Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!
MONSTERS INC. LAUGH FLOOR: Really clever, very entertaining interactive show where the animated monsters pick out members of the audience to be a part of the laughter. You can even text in your own jokes before the show!

We did really well with queuing. By being clever with the FastPasses and just being at the right place at the right time, we hardly had to line up at all! The place is Super Busy though.

Today we visited Disney's Animal Kingdom which we both enjoyed a lot more than we were expecting to! The set-dressing of all the different regions, from Nepal to Africa, is absolutely brilliant! And we got a couple of new favourite rides. Expedition Everest is a really high, hardcore roller coaster through the world's tallest mountain. So many screams, SO much fun & adrenaline!! We did that one twice. Also there was the Kali River Rapids ride, a bit like the one at Dreamworld but a lot bumpier and a lot WETTER!! The sign warns: "You will get wet. You may get SOAKED!" Our first time on was the former, the second time the latter. As in, a wave actually crashing down over the top of us! Drenched completely through!! Lucky the sun's so hot here!

After the Animal Kingdom we headed back to Hollywood Studios to catch some things we missed on Day 1. I took Naomi on the Tower of Terror (made her feel ill) and we discovered an Aerosmith-themed roller coaster that we somehow completely missed on Day 1. Wow! A-maz-ING!!! It's basically like Space Mountain on crack! Loop-de-loops, corkscrews and so, so fast! Screamed so loud I almost lost my voice, and we got a brilliant photo of us that I'll probably post tomorrow. I wanted to go on it again and again, but the queue was sitting on 40 minutes so it wasn't that enticing.

SO! That's where we're at. Tonight we're heading down to Downtown Disney to see the sights, do some shopping' and maybe catch some live entertainment. I'll leave you with a few Disney-ish photos.

Having a blast!!

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